ISS First Response


24/7 Emergency Response - Australia Wide

Emergency preparedness is being ready for unexpected events

ISS has considerable experience in the field of incident management and it has established, over many years of roadside, rail, port and site assist operations, an extensive library of over 15,000 suitably qualified personnel and resources capable of dealing with all aspects of accident trauma, in all parts of Australia.

The ISS 24/7 contact centre currently handles in excess of 5,000 breakdown, accident and other client events each month and the case load routinely involves in excess of 30,000 inbound and outbound calls each month, with each call being answered by an operator and average response time of less than 20 seconds.

We provide emergency response services to over 300 companies, many of which operate in remote parts of Australia.  Our client base incorporates some of the largest fleets operating across the country and covers in excess of 40,000 pieces of equipment and in excess of 1,000 sites.

From the time ISS receives a call, our team is ready for action, both at our Call Centre and via our Emergency Response CoOrdinators (ERC's) who go on site and represent our clients on the ground.  We organise all necessary resources to contain spills, address environmental impact concers, secure assets and look after personnal on site.

During and after recover, we provide each cient with a range of incident reports and photographs, to assist each client with insurance, reviews and continuous improvement material. 

Whether it's a country breakdown or city incident on the road, incidents or spills at ports or on rail, industrial spills and incidents, service station spills and incidents or one of a range of other needs that require 24/7 attention, assistance is imediately available from the ISS First Response Emergency Service