ISS First Response


Specialised Industry Services

With our nation-wide infrastructure and extensive network of service providers, ISS First Response is uniquely positioned to provide a wide range of dedicated services that enhance the safety of your personnel, the security of your assets, stock and equipment and the performance of your business.



Specialised Transport services include:

  • GPS Monitoring to keep an eye on your vehicles wherever they are in Australia.
  • E-Stop Activations to remotely and immediately terminate services in the event of an emergency, such as unmanned petrol pumps.
  • Accident Management and Claims Initiation to attend and document accident scenes, co-ordinate emergency services and initiate insurance claims processes.
  • Man Down Programs to track the movement of personnel in restricted or dangerous areas after hours to ensure their safety and security.

Site Response Services

  • Forecourt spills
  • Abandoned cars
  • Fuel decanting - IBC's - ISO tainer, trans tanks
  • Under Ground Storage - Shandi removal
  • Spill Kit - removal and disposal
  • Leaking containers
  • Staff Welfare - 24/7 contact centre help desk
  • Sabotage / Vandalism
  • Natural Disasters
  • Industrial accidents
  • Communication failures - Call Centre - centralised contacts
  • Business continuity
  • DG Storage facilities
  • Warehouses
  • Factory Fire Clean-Up

Inbound Contact Centre

Our contact centre also provides various non-emergency support services, such as customer care programs, 'first point of contact' services, service bookings and order taking. Leaving you to work on your business, without the infrastructure.

  • Personalised company answering service
  • After Hours or overflow
  • Workforce Management
  • Order / Job receiving services
  • Customer Care Services
  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Net Promotor Score / Surveys

Contact us for more information about any of these services or how a tailored service specific to your requirements can be valuable to your business.