ISS First Response


ISS First Response was the first company of its kind to be set up in Australia and is still the industry leader. It was established in 2005 from an identified need for better quality of emergency response services for transport and heavy vehicles in Australia.

Intermodal Support Services (ISS) is an operating division of Car-Trek Australia Pty Ltd., until recently the owner of the Recar Group.  Car-Trek Australia is primarily concerned with the repair and refinishing of commercial vehicles and has been a leader in the transport service industry for over fifty years.

ISS was originally developed to provide a national roadside assistance program to complement Re-Car's rescue and repair activities.  ISS now operates independently of Recar, focussing on the provision of a range of innovative, cost effective support services to the transport, insurance and manufacturing industries and to other business sectors.

ISS' current activities fall into two principal service streams:

ISS First Response operates a dedicated emergency response call centre and provides full time emergency response, breakdown and accident assist program, 'man-down' support, after-hours ordering, customer care, and other client support services to subscribing customers across Australia.

ISS Sentinel - offers passive vehicle tracking and monitoring systems.

Each of the ISS service programs is a discrete offering but they are also designed to compliment each other.  Together, they represent the most comprehensive monitoring and emergency response solution available in Australia.

Why not join the growing number of transport and corporate professionals who rely on ISS to provide help and support when it matters most?